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I have missed sales because without a business account, I couldn't accept my clients' payments. This problem was solved when Finklusiv recommended me to the bank. The process was easy, and the communication was good.
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Have you appli​ed for business banking services and been rejected?

To grow your business, you need trusted banking services. But many entrepreneurs are rejected by traditional banks. 

We support businesses with the application processes, maximising their chances of approval. We're usually successful too!

85% of the customers we recommend are approved. 

What do we do?

  • Collaborate with you to gather all required information and documents.
  • Check this against our partner bank requirements.
  • Where you match, we recommend you to a provider.
  • Jointly build a business information pack that is shared with the bank.
  • Provide training in financial, digital literacy, and business etiquette in Denmark.
  • Whatever the outcome, you get a full pack to support future applications.

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Why Trust Us?

Business Growth

Finklusiv is a social enterprise passionate about ensuring all business owners can grow and contribute to the Danish economy.

Reputable Providers

We only work with reputable providers. Be sure your finances are in safe hands.

Success Rate

We have proven success and loyal members who still benefit from our support.

Should you apply?

  Has your business banking application been rejected?

  Are you currently operating as a business, or starting up within three months?

  Do you have a well-defined business with clear potential?

  Are you open to advice and coaching?

Our Trusted Partners

The Application Process


Complete the application form. We will then send you a link to upload your documents to a secure platform. 


We meet to complete the file. You will receive sparring and support to build a convincing application file. 


If the bank approves your file, we will help you get on-boarded to their systems and you're all set to go. 


For us to support you, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You have obtained asylum in Denmark
  • You have requested a business account from your bank, but it has been denied
  • Your business is already operating or ready to start in the next three months
  • Your business has good potential and is well defined
  • You are willing to receive support and advice from Finklusiv
  • You are honest and transparent about your situation and the issues you meet
  • You are not registered in RKI – you can find out whether you are in RKI here:

Can you say yes to it all? Then we will try to help you make a request for a business account.

The bank will expect a complete file presenting your company, it’s activities, results and plans, but also a full view of your private situation. We will help you gather these documents in order to send a complete file of excellent quality to the bank. This is how we insure a high success rate in our recommendations.

Your business documents must include proof of registration, list of real owners, financial projections and business plan if the company is newly created, yearly accounts if the company has existed more than a year, as well as transcripts from the previous business account. They will also ask for your contract with your main client if you are a subcontractor, any debt situation and an overview of how you expect the business account will be used, i.e. and estimation of future transaction trends.

The private documents will include ID documents (passport, driving license, health card evt. residency card), your current tax declarations and annual tax returns for the past 2 years, outstanding debt information, retirement savings, a screenshot overview of the family bank accounts, and an estimation of your future transaction trends.

Our pricing is designed to minimize risk for our clients! Here’s how it works:

  1. Administrative Fee: Payable only after we prequalify you. This fee ranges from 1,000 kr to 2,000 kr, depending on the amount of work needed to build a quality file to recommend you to our partner banks.
  2. Success Fee: Billed only once you open your new business account. This fee ranges from 4,000 kr to 8,000 kr, based on the required work.
  3. Discount Policy: We offer discounts for smaller companies to keep our services affordable.
  4. Membership: Once supported by Finklusiv, you gain access to our support network at 125 kr per month.

Note: Prices exclude VAT. Our partner banks and payment platforms have their own fees when you become their clients through our recommendation.

No. Finklusiv will only send your file to the bank if we believe you have a good chance of being approved. We work in constant dialogue with partner banks to know what their requirements are. If we see a that your request will be denied, we will make sure to explain to you the reason why, and close the case – after providing you with your completed file.

Once you have applied, Finklusiv will screen your situation before confirming we can help you within 2 days. If we beleive we can help we will request payment of the administrative fee. Once the fee is received, we will work with you to ensure your file is complete. We will only send the file to partner banks when it is complete, so make sure you provide information quickly. Once the file is sent to the bank, you can expect your account within 3 weeks.

Finklusiv has an excellent success rate of our recommendations to banks. We only send your file to the bank if we believe it will be approved, but the final decision is of course with the bank. If your request is denied, we will make sure you receive the complete file you have built with us, so you can easily apply elsewhere. We will also come with suggestions of what kind of international bank could offer an alternative solution for you. 

Congratulations! We will support you to onboard the bank’s system, and answer any questions you might have. This includes making sure you know how to sign the banks legal documents, download the Mobile bank app, and have your cards ordered to your address. You will then have 15 days to pay our success fee. As a Finklusiv approved client, you will have access to our other programs and services from our partners.