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Finklusiv is a social enterprise that creates financial inclusion in Denmark by building a bridge between underbanked business owners and banks. 

At Finklusiv, we dream of a world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full financial potential.

Finklusiv was founded in 2020 by Marie Olafsdottir.


A prosperous future for everyone in a diversified and connected society. Because we think that everyone deserves a chance.


We empower individuals by providing them with the tools to become self-sufficient.


  • Solidarity - We believe that a loss of for few is a loss for everyone
  • Respect - Finding your way or choosing the path of entrepreneurship is never easy, our hats off to you
  • Professionalism - We set high standards for ourselves and the people we work with
  • Awesomeness - we are the #1 fans of the awesome ideas and energy of the business owners and partners we work with

Our Team

Marie Olafsdottir

Founder & CEO

"My goal is to ensure the best possible conditions for the financial inclusion of the most inspiring business owners: our clients!"


Githa Kurdahl

Project Manager

"I love setting up new processes and making sure operations run smoothly"


Marc Schless

Customer Success

"I make sure our clients are set up for success with the right information and support"


Adam Awad


"I am passionate about writing texts and doing marketing on our SoMe channels"


Anna Leigh Snyder


"I make sure we have all the data we need to make compelling reports"


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Contact Details

Finklusiv ApS
Enghavevej 80c, 3rd floor
2450 Copenhagen SV

Email: info@finklusiv.dk 

CVR: 41097310

Business Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm

We are based at DISIE - Danish Institute for Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Contact us

Finklusiv is a social business, providing support to strong and resilient people who have overcome hardships, and are facing more barriers than most in trying to achieve success. 

This means that our income comes from commercial activities as well as from donations. Any surplus is to be reinvested in operations.

 Marie Olafsdottir • Founder & CEO

Finklusiv in the Press


The risks of financial exclusion are underestimated

The financial sector plays a decisive role in the green and sustainable transition, but the importance of the social aspect (S) in ESG is underestimated in Denmark.

Opinion piece by Finklusiv's founder Marie Olafsdottir. 



Danish company bridges banks and unwanted business customers

The company Finklusiv helps entrepreneurs and the self-employed - typically refugees and migrants - who have been rejected by the bank, to set up a business account. 

Finklusiv has cooperated with two banks, but is looking for cooperation agreements with more.



Marie's company helps refugees become independent

Refugees and migrants are often refused when they apply for a business account in the bank. 

Strict rules and high demands strain the account, which is otherwise important to be able to run a business on an equal footing with others. Marie Birna Olafsdottir is trying to change that with her company Finklusiv.

Sjællandske Nyheder

Struggled during four years to get a bank account for their business

After four years of struggle, the Syrian refugee couple Salwa Murad and Mustafa Ali have succeeded in opening a car repair shop. 

However, a particularly long process with the banking system made it difficult, they say.

Press Release

Difficult for entrepreneurs to get a business account

Abdulhakim wanted something as basic as a business account associated with his newly started electronics business in Sorø. But like so many other small businessmen, he was turned down by the banks. With the help of a business network, he eventually managed to get an account.



The Money Laundering Act hits the self-employed and NGOs hard

The fight against money laundering and terrorist financing is crucial, but the strict rules create financial exclusion and hit small self-employed people hard.

Opinion piece by Finklusiv's founder Marie Olafsdottir. 



Refugees don't just have to go quickly into bad jobs. We must listen to their wishes

There is more focus on getting refugees into bad jobs quickly than creating a long-term attachment to the labor market. We should to a greater extent support refugees' dreams of being self-employed instead of going into grueling jobs that they can't keep anyway.

Opinion piece by Finklusiv's founder Marie Olafsdottir. 

Our Partners

Dreist Storgaard

One Life Foundation
Dansk Forum for Mikrofinans