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Terms and conditions

 Please note: In the event of a conflict between the Danish version and the English version of the document, the Danish version prevails.

1. General conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions apply between Finklusiv ApS, CVR-nr. 41097310, Enghavevej 80C, 2450 Copenhagen SV (“we”, “us” or “Finklusiv”) and the customer (“you”, “you” or “the customer”) regarding the sale and delivery of the products and services offered by Finklusiv. These General Terms and Conditions have been last updated and are effective from 29. June 2022. Special terms for certain products and services may apply and are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions.

1.2 You must be a customer to order services from Finklusiv. Finklusiv supports self-employed professionals, and business owners who are financially excluded, to access a business account for their business. Anyone who is of legal age and entitled to enter into contracts, runs a business, and is approved by Finklusiv following the available procedure, can become a customer of Finklusiv.

1.3 All prices on the website are in Danish Kr. and excl. 25% VAT, which is added thereto. Prices are only valid within the borders of Denmark, excluding the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Currency changes, force majeure, tax changes.

1.4 A legally binding agreement between you and Finklusiv is only concluded once you have paid the initial administrative fee.

Until you receive an invoice, Finklusiv is entitled to cancel your order in whole or in part.

1.5 If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set out herein, you must refrain from accessing and using our service. If you have any doubts concerning these terms and conditions, please contact

1.6 Finklusiv reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions, including the right to adjust prices following paragraph 3 of these terms and conditions.

2. The agreement and the service

2.1 Finklusiv’s services are provided to end-users in Denmark.

2.2 Information on Finklusiv’s website about products and services is not binding until you and Finklusiv have entered into an agreement, see also section 1.4 and section 2.3.

2.3 The agreement process is initiated after you have completed an application form and received a written response from Finklusiv – i.e. after you have submitted a specific application for support to apply for a business account in a bank, uploaded all necessary documents on the appropriate platform, and paid the administrative/assessment fee.

If the bank has approved Finklusiv’s recommendation of the client’s application for a business account, you must also pay a success fee.

Finklusiv reserves the right to refuse an order without stating the reason.

2.4 If Finklusiv considers that your application has a good chance of being accepted by a Bank, we will work with you to complete any additional documents required and then send a complete application file to a partner Bank together with our recommendation that the Bank enters into a client relationship with you and your business.

2.5 The process is such that Finklusiv informs you of what additional documents are required to build a complete application file according to the partner banks’ requirements. Finklusiv also meets with you, via video conference or a physical meeting, to help you fill in the bank’s templates and assemble any final documents for your file.

As part of the process, Finklusiv offers a course with advice on how best to use a business account, in line with a bank’s expectations. By entering into a client relationship with Finklusiv, the client agrees to follow that course and make every effort to understand the course content.

2.6 If the Client is authorized by the Bank to open both business and personal accounts, s/he may contact Finklusiv for assistance in onboarding the Bank’s systems and opening the accounts.

2.7 The Client relationship ends 3 months after Finklusiv has helped the Client to successfully access business banking products, and performed an exit interview. The client commits to meet Finklusiv in a physical meeting or a telephone meeting for an exit interview.

2.8 Finklusiv gives no guarantee that the bank will approve our recommendation as the bank always makes its own assessment of our recommendations.

2.9 Finklusiv reserves the right to cancel a recommendation if;

     A- you have provided incorrect or incomplete information about yourself and/or your business,

     B – if you do not send the required documents within 2 months of receiving our request to do so

     C- if you are not available to meet at a reasonable time convenient to both parties. Finklusiv will provide at least three different meeting               times within normal working hours.

     D – if Finklusiv considers, after analyzing your case, that your application will not be accepted by the Bank,

     E- in the event of force majeure-like events such as natural disasters, war, political unrest, strike, lockout, blockade, or other impediments            to contractual delivery, accidental events, traffic disruptions, adverse weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond Finklusiv’s                  control. Finklusiv will notify you as soon as possible if such an extraordinary event occurs.

3. Payment
The service is paid by bank transfer to account 5958. Account No: 2008781 
Your company name should be written in the text field ‘ Text to recipient’ when paying.
An invoice is sent when payment is received.
The price is as follows:
Sole traders with turnover < 300.000 kr
– Administrative fee – 1.000 kr
– Success fee (if the business account is approved) – 4.000 kr
ApS and Sole traders with turnover > 300.000 kr
– Administrative fee – 2.000 kr
– Success fee (if the business account is approved) – 8.000 kr
The above prices are exclusive of VAT, which is added to the invoice.
4. Duration and termination
4.1 The agreement between you and Finklusiv is limited in time. If you do not send the required documents within 2 months of receiving the list of required documents, or if you do not pay the administrative fee within 1 month of receiving the invoice, the agreement is considered terminated.
4.2 An agreement between you and Finklusiv may be terminated by you in certain cases through written notice to Finklusiv. In specific cases, Finklusiv may give notice of dismissal from this.
4.3 Upon termination of an agreement between you and Finklusiv, Finklusiv will not refund the administration fee paid by you, even if you have uploaded the required information and had your application assessed, if Finklusiv has been unable to contact you for a period of more than 30 days after notifying you that Finklusiv has assessed your application. This also applies if you do not continuously cooperate with Finklusiv on the necessary steps. 
5. Information available on the website
We do our best to ensure that all general and business information available on the Website is thorough and error-free. To that end, Finklusiv reviews the content regularly.
However, all data available on the Website is provided for informational purposes only. Consequently, the company cannot guarantee or assume any liability for damages or errors resulting from the use of possible erroneous data material on the website. Therefore, we recommend that the Client check for updates or changes to the content of the Website from time to time.
6. Terms of use of the website
The information on this website and any website operated for or on behalf of Finklusiv is for information purposes only and shall not be deemed to create a consultant-client relationship or to provide professional advice. Readers are responsible for obtaining such advice from their own advisors. Finklusiv assumes no responsibility or liability arising out of or relating to the use of the Sites or its content. The website may contain links to external websites and links to Finklusiv’s websites. Finklusiv is not responsible for the content or operation of such external websites and disclaims any liability concerning the content or operation of such external websites.
7. Limitation of liability
Finklusiv ApS endeavors to ensure that the website is available and functions optimally at all times. Despite this, we do not guarantee that the website will always be available, undisturbed, and error-free. Finklusiv, therefore, accepts no responsibility for errors of the following nature:

      a. Technical errors preventing regular use of the website and caused by force majeure events or otherwise;

      b. Maintenance works affecting the availability and accessibility of the Website;

      c. Damages that can be attributed to the negligent handling of the content of the website by the client; improper or illegal use of the                  website or other misuse of the individual agreement terms by the client ;

      d. unauthorized third party access to the Website or/and our other services; -Conflicts arising between the Client and the other users of               the Website; or -Content uploaded by the Client on the Website.

 8. Intellectual property

All works, trademarks, software, or other content displayed on the Website or otherwise provided or made available by us through the Website or the Services are owned by the Company or licensed to us by their owner.

Unless written permission is granted by their rights holders or such permission is granted by contract or by law, shall the Client have neither use nor ownership rights on the above mentioned content.

Accordingly, the Client may not distribute, reproduce or copy, publish, transform or modify, adapt, translate, or otherwise use and exploit the services offered by Finklusiv.

9. Privacy and Cookie Policy

Your use of Finklusivs Website and/or Services may result in the collection and further processing of information, including information of a personal nature.
In line with the applicable regulations in this area, the individual client is continuously informed whenever Finklusiv ApS engages in data processing or data collection of this nature.

See Finklusiv’s data policy for a more detailed information.

10. Links to third-party websites

We are not responsible for websites and content provided by third parties that are linked or embedded in the Services as advertising banners or otherwise included in any website content. Finklusiv ApS is under no obligation to review the content of said websites or the services or products that third parties may offer through them.

Their existence does not imply that Finklusiv endorses, promotes, sponsors, guarantees or recommends the content, services, or products of the linked websites.

Conversely, by using them, the Client acknowledges that other terms and conditions may apply to access and use of said services, products, and websites.

11. Changes to the Website

Finklusiv reserves the right to update, delete, change or modify its services and website and other data material appearing thereon periodically.

As a result, access to our services and website can be restricted periodically.

12. Applicable law and disputes

The rights and obligations of the parties under these Terms shall be governed by Danish law.