Established in 2019

At Finklusiv, we work hard to achieve something we are proud of: providing financial inclusion and the best conditions for success for entrepreneurs in Denmark. By giving entrepreneurs access to corporate banking services, training and top quality professional services, we help them create and advance their business, and ultimately, their livelihood.

The gain is threefold: for the entrepreneurs themselves, their family, and for the community.

We are a social business, providing support to strong and resilient people who have overcome hardships, and are facing more barriers then most in trying to achieve success. This means that our income comes from commercial activities as well as from donations. Any surplus is to be reinvested in operations.

We are continuously looking for new supporters to fund our operations supporting future and current entrepreneurs with a refugee background, and for partnerships to expand the offer of business services to our clients.

Contact us, if you want to support uplifting refugee entrepreneurs in Denmark.


A prosperous future for everyone in a diversified and connected society. Because we think that everyone deserves a chance.


We empower individuals by providing them with the tools to become self-sufficient


Meet our Community

We are who we are and where we are today thanks to our prodigious team, our stunning partners and our amazing entrepreneurs.

Who we are
Founder & CEO
Experienced in Financial inclusion and Microfinance, Start-up funding, Business plan and strategy assessment, Mentor matching, Due diligence.
Web Developer
Full-Stack web developer with experience in building user-friendly websites.

Communication and support
Experienced in organization, project coordination, international cooperation, research and integration work.

Business development partner
Exp. in entrepreneurship, business development and strategy, project development and implementation, facilitationa and integration.
Who we work with

Together, we contribute to 4 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030