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We support entrepreneurs with the right tools to become successful business owners, starting with refugees

Because everyone deserves a chance

The road to self-employment is never easy, but some people have the grit and the vision to start-up anyway. If you have a background as a refugee in Denmark, you will also have to make extra effort to understand and satisfy the requirements of your host country.

Finklusiv will support you on the road.

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access to banking

We support you to open a business account, optimize your relationship with your bank, or request a small business loan

be your own boss

We organize regular workshops to help you define your own life plan and take ownership of your life

business services

We have built a network of top-notch partners offering preferential conditions to build your website, produce your business development documents, or provide you with legal support

Interested in our information session on how to become your own boss?

Our business coach Juan will help you choose the best path for you between :

  • entrepreneurship
  • employment
  • studies

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Success stories


“Without a business account, I couldn’t receive cashless payment from my customers, or pay my company’s bills. I worked together with Finklusiv to prepare my file for the bank, and got a business account with Andelskassen Oikos”

Arabi foods

I run my food stall in Værftets foodcourt in Helsingør. My bank had refused to open a business account for me so when the foodcourt decided to go cashless, I was in trouble! Thankfully Finklusiv recommended me to Andelskassen Oikos and now I run my business like any other

Proud business owner

Winta africa touch

“I have missed sales because without a business account, I couldn’t accept my clients’ payment facilities.  This problem was solved when Finklusiv recommended me to Andelskassen Oikos. The process was easy, we had a good communication. Thanks to their partnership with HackYour Future, I also have a new company website!”

DT 7209

Once my decision to become an independent taxi was made, I got everything in place. An agreement with DanTaxi, a car… I did not expect getting a business account would be so difficult. Suddenly, my whole venture depended on it, it became a nightmare. I worked with Finklusiv, and when I got confirmation that Andelskassen Oikos approved my request, I was so relieved.

Our partners

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